Monday, 17 March 2014


Thursday 13/03/14
Another rare day off, well thats what some of my friends seem to say to me. I don't really know what that mean? @;^) but this was a great little journey.

Alarm set for 4am I finally hauled myself up, got fed and watered and headed out by 4:45am. A long drive to Pembrokeshire in Wales for a GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO. Arriving at around 9:15am, a good friend of mine Paul Hackett was already there and on the beach looking at the bird. As I dashed along the sand following Paul's directions towards the small gathered crowed, I noticed them slowly packing the scopes up and closing the legs on their tripods. My heart sank a little as I knew that the bird had flown.

As they came closer they confirmed that the bird had indeed flown and must have flown right past me. I of course was head down, heart racing heading towards them. It was thought to have flown over the small ridge and drop into the scrub there. However this was not the case.

My heat ache was short lived as we caught up with bird on the golf course and watched it feeding really well. It took around 6 large grubs/caterpillars in the first 5 mins we watched it. This bird really did bring me great joy, an absolute stunner. It was lady's day on the golf course and its was quite busy, this I think helped as the bird was moving around a lot, offering great but sometimes distant views.

The Images I did obtain, included here, were a mixture of iPhone/scoped ground shots and some in flight shots with my Canon camera.

Again, another thoroughly enjoyable day out and great to spend the hrs with Paul Hackett who's is a gent and always has the birds welfare at heart.