Saturday, 11 January 2014



Been waiting for my chance to get down to the south coast since I'd seen the reports and the photos of the GREY PHALAROPE at Hove. Great shots have been gracing twitter, Birdguides and the internet. I wanted my chance to see and photograph the bird but just had that feeling that this bird would join the league of the Friday night departure brigade, how wrong could I be....

Hove is a nice little seaside town very near to Brighton from where I live not to far, around 1 hour 30mins traveling and I was parking up, gripped with excitement at around 8am.The postcode for the site is BN3 4LX, parking was on the main road and the cost was minimal. The machines were not working on my visit, but I left a note in the windscreen and didn't receive a ticket. Finding the site I was truly amazed to see the 4/5 people there, the small children's pool and the GREY PHALAROPE spinning on the southern edge, just so close.

Getting there near to dawn allowed me to have that unique exquiste time when the morning sun gives the best colours and light. The fact the bird is so confiding and has possibly never seen humans before was just adding to the close views and the huge amount of internal happiness I was getting from being so close to a wonderful bird.

One moment that really had my heart racing was the arrival of a Carrion Crow. I was sure this Crow was going to try to sample the Arctic delights of a GREY PHALAROPE. Turns out the Crow was only interested in having a scrub up ready for the days adventures.

Just so many great photos, to many to put on here. Below is a further selection of the GREY PHALAROPE, but please do read on for the GLAUCOUS GULL at Shoreham.

A short journey to Shoreham for a Glaucous Gull and then the drive home, feeling very happy with the days birding adventure.
To sum up, a great day and who knows when another bird will turn up that will be so camera keen.


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