Sunday, 9 February 2014


Sunday trip out to see the Bluetail.
Site: Shire Valley, Marshfield, Gloucestershire. Parking at waypoint 245 junction of Shire Hill and Drifton Hill. Bird present at waypoint 243.

(Image of the great information provided by Birdguides)

Attendees: Barry Reed, Bill Last, Ron Cousins and I.

(Barry Reed)

Arriving around the same time as the heavy showers, it was a short wait in the car for a break in the clouds, or as it turned out, just for the rain to stop.

A short walk up the valley and the RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL was on view. Spending a lot of time in the Hawthorn and Elder trees along the track opposite Shirehall Farm. A great little bird and it did show well at times, coming down onto the grass to collect the meal worms kindly left out for him.

Raven was also a regular sighting in the valley.

Brilliant day, terrible weather, but you can't always have it all.

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