Monday, 10 February 2014


What a turn up! YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER a short 4hrs drive away at the beginning of Feb. Birding never fails to amaze and astound.

(Great information from Birdguides)

Site: Junction of Whitwell Acres and Apperley Avenue, High Shincliffe, Durham. Parking just inside Whitwell Acres in the dead end area.


Waypoint 247 above is the area where the feeders are. On the corner of Whitwell Acres and Apperley Avenue there is a large green with some Lime trees on, the best place was to stand here and look towards the feeders. They are placed, looking at the outer line of trees, to the right of the lamp column, lowdown between the next two trees. Early morning means you are looking straight into the sun, but of course the sun soon moves round.
Waypoint 249 is another area the bird seemed to favour. The trees are within the back garden of a property. The urge was to follow the bird all round the estate but really the best place was the two areas above. It was seen in some Pines and other trees around the estate but all the photos I got were in the usual areas and in time, with patience, it always returned.
Great to see Nick Franklin who I've not seen since the Bridled Tern, who is real gent and brilliant birder. I'm also expecting to see some great digiscoped images as a friend, Paul Hackett was on the prowl and his digiscoped images are second to none. Also great to catch up with David Campbell who I'd not seen since the BrĂ¼nnich's Guillemot.
Also there were three Waxwings within the same estate. Waypoint 251 is the Rowan tree where the Waxwings frequent.
As all the bird apps and pagers say, please do respect the residents, it must be a bit of a shock to see the hundreds of birders on the estate. It's tempting just to stop in the middle of the road when the bird's flitting about and this was the cause of a few resident complaints. Also when they came up against the birders blocking the road, of course they beeped the horn and the bird flew off. So it will be of benefit to all sides @;^) (especially ours)


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